How a Russian factory destroyed hundreds of garment workers and stole $1.3 million

The story of a Russian textile factory is the story of an industry that is increasingly under siege.From 2011 to 2014, Russia’s textile industry was in decline.According to a study conducted by the Institute of Global Management and Research, a Russian research group, the industry had a workforce of approximately 50,000, with only 2,000 factories…

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The story of a Russian textile factory is the story of an industry that is increasingly under siege.

From 2011 to 2014, Russia’s textile industry was in decline.

According to a study conducted by the Institute of Global Management and Research, a Russian research group, the industry had a workforce of approximately 50,000, with only 2,000 factories producing clothes for the Russian market.

The institute estimated that the industry would need to shut down approximately 3,000 facilities over the next decade.

The textile industry had been one of Russia’s largest exports in recent years.

According of the World Bank, Russia exported a total of $4.4 billion worth of clothing in 2014.

But it was the decline of the Russian textile industry that caused the largest loss.

The collapse of a textile factory in the southern Russian city of Volgograd in December 2015 led to a devastating, global incident.

On December 4, 2016, Russian security forces raided the factory and seized about 10,000 garment workers, many of whom were unable to find work in the rest of the country.

The raid was the largest textile theft in history.

The security forces seized the workers’ clothing, along with hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash, and the workers were later released.

In October of this year, Russia resumed exporting clothing and clothes accessories, but in the process of doing so, the factory went bust.

The company’s owner, Mikhail Shirov, was convicted of the theft of $1 million, and has been in prison for more than four years.

A former garment worker and former employee of the factory, Olga Yevtushenkova, told Breitbart News that the company was not the only textile factory that was under siege by Russia’s security forces.

“There are thousands of factories in Russia,” Yevtskaya said.

“They [the Russian security] are always raiding factories.

They are raiding textile factories.

There are factories where there are just no workers.

There were only five workers in the factory.”

The factory was looted during the raid, and Yevstyskaya was not surprised when the factory’s owners refused to pay the ransom, which was $1,000 per worker.

“We have no money,” she said.

“I asked them if they had money for the rent, but they said they could not pay the rent.”

She said that the workers had no money to feed themselves, and that many of the women were living in cramped conditions.

The workers were not allowed to leave the factory for six weeks, she said, and were not given any food.

Yevskaya also said that she received phone calls from people from outside Russia demanding money from her, which she was unable to pay.

“People from outside of Russia were calling my husband and telling me to pay this money to them, and I didn’t even know how much money they wanted,” she told Breitbart.

“I was really scared for my husband.”

When the factory was raided, Yevstskaya said she went to the local police station and told the police what had happened.

“They said they had to release all the people who were detained in the raid,” she recalled.

“But they didn’t release them.”

The police told her to keep her mouth shut.

They told her that they could only release people who had been arrested.

“So they released me, but I said to myself, ‘I’m not doing anything wrong.

They have no rights.

I can’t tell them anything.'”

Yevskskaya said that during the raids, she was asked to give information on the factory to the police, but that she refused.

“But the police would not listen to me,” she continued.

“After I was released from prison, they took me to the prosecutor’s office and they told me that I was guilty.

I was told that I should pay $1m for the debt, but it was just for one month.”

Yevstkskaya was arrested and taken to the city of Vyazma, where she spent two days in jail, while her husband and three other men were released.

The men were accused of being part of a criminal gang.

Yavskskaeva’s husband and the three other detainees were eventually released, but she was not allowed out of the cell.

“At that point, I started to feel a bit sick,” she explained.

“There was no water, no food, no medicine, no nothing.”

Yavskkaya’s husband was released on bail, but was still arrested and sent to jail for several days.

Yvsenko Klymskaya, who was also imprisoned, was released later the same day, but not before being subjected to physical and psychological torture.

“At that time, they started to beat me,” Yavsckskaya recalled.

“When I was still in prison, I was beaten by the guards.

They didn’t use the violence, they used the kicks,”

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