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It was a long, lonely journey. I had no idea how far along the timeline I was going, or where my life was headed, or if I would even get to meet my future children. It was a strange, weird, and very scary time. We were living in a small apartment, and we were on the edge of…

Published by admin inJune 17, 2021

It was a long, lonely journey. 

I had no idea how far along the timeline I was going, or where my life was headed, or if I would even get to meet my future children. 

It was a strange, weird, and very scary time. 

We were living in a small apartment, and we were on the edge of the city. 

In the beginning, I was just trying to get by. 

There was no money. 

The food was bad. 

You’d spend your lunch money for dinner, and then you’d spend it on your dinner. 

My wife was going through a divorce, and I was stuck on my own, and my family was broke. 

So I’d spend my lunch money on food. 

Eventually, I got some work done, and started making clothes. 

And my life got a little better. 

But I still had to find my place. 

Not even knowing where I was headed had me scared. 

After a couple of months, I found my place and started going out with friends. 

Now I was on the road again, trying to find work and finding my way back to my family. 

Unfortunately, there was no one who understood my situation. 

Even though I was working for free, I still couldn’t find a job. 

That is, until one day I met a young girl. 

She had just graduated high school, and was doing a business class in college. 

This was a chance for me to meet someone, and start a new life. 

When I finally found someone, it was just like my life changed forever. 

One day, the new man in my life asked me to go out with him. 

He said that he wanted to be my boyfriend. 

Since I had a crush on him, I told him that I’d be willing to date him.

But before he could kiss me, I had to get a job and pay rent. 

Once I was able to pay rent, I went home and decided to get an apartment. 

Then, I met the girl who became my wife. 

Her name was Ashley. 

At first, I didn’t want to live with her, but she was willing to let me stay in the apartment. 

 Then, things started to go really well. 

Soon, I decided that it was time to move back home. 

Ashley, who was my best friend, was the person who gave me my first job, so I could get my career started. 

Within a few months, we started making money, and Ashley was able the rent was paid. 

Our relationship was pretty solid. 

For a while, I thought I was doing fine. 

Before long, I started to notice something strange. 

Every now and then, she would say something to me that made me feel a little weird. 

Sometimes, she’d even go out of her way to try to make me feel uncomfortable. 

Things were getting really weird.

So I decided to go and see a therapist. 

As soon as I walked in the door, I could tell something was up. 

Everyone was sitting in a circle around a table, and the room was filled with quiet and sad music. 

What was happening was that I was losing my mind. 

Suddenly, I realized that there was something wrong with me. 

Something I’d always been trying to work out, but I didn

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