Why do you wear pants? We do, too

The idea of wearing pants has been around since the 1920s, but people have always thought it was a silly thing to do.But there was a trend toward wearing pants for years before the mid-20th century.In the 1920’s, the fashion world was obsessed with the new, cool and modern.So when the fashion bible The Vogue…

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The idea of wearing pants has been around since the 1920s, but people have always thought it was a silly thing to do.

But there was a trend toward wearing pants for years before the mid-20th century.

In the 1920’s, the fashion world was obsessed with the new, cool and modern.

So when the fashion bible The Vogue published a magazine article about the American way of life, its tagline was “The Modern American Way of Life.”

It went on to describe a society that embraced the “artistic and cultural aspects of everyday life.”

It also described the “dynamic and changing nature of modern life” and how “diversity, social interaction, leisure and recreation are all increasingly being promoted as the key features of modernity.”

So the idea of a pants-wearing society wasn’t new.

However, the first recorded pants-wearer was a young girl, who was a dancer in a dance troupe in the 1860s.

When the dancer went into labor in a small town, her parents took her to the hospital to have her baby boy born.

There was no dress code at the hospital, so the girl wore a skirt and a pair of black pants.

She was not allowed to wear any jewelry, jewelry was not an issue.

The story of the young girl who wore pants for the first time in her life goes back to 1864, when a young boy in a neighboring town took a girl to a doctor who prescribed her a pair.

The boy was in the hospital for four days, and when he was discharged, the doctor said he would be allowed to stay in the city to attend a party.

The next day, he came back, wearing only pants and was arrested.

The doctor was appalled, and the boy was fined $100.

The girl went to court and pleaded that the boy’s dress violated the dress code and fined him $10.

The court decided that her clothes were not a breach of the dress codes, and she won her case.

When she was 10 years old, the girl started wearing pants again, and by 16, she was wearing them regularly.

After a few years of wearing them, the judge ordered that the pants be taken off her, saying that they violated the law against indecent exposure.

She didn’t pay the fine, but it was worth it, because the judge later wrote: It is well known that, when the courts look upon this case, it is quite easy to find a reason for it.

The decision was overturned by the courts in 1882.

However the decision didn’t stop the young woman from wearing pants.

In 1884, a young woman in New York City went to the doctor for her first baby, and after giving birth, she went back to the court and complained to the judge.

She said that she was afraid of wearing a pair on the day of delivery because of the possibility of being fined.

She told the judge that if she wore pants she would be fined.

The judge said: But you are afraid of that, don’t you?

She said she would pay the $100 fine, and was fined.

In another case, a woman was wearing pants at a party and the doctor was called in to perform an examination.

She noticed the woman had two white socks on her feet, and he asked her to remove the socks.

The woman removed the socks and the judge told her: I know, but why do you want to remove them?

The judge told the woman: Because I know you are going to get fined.

When a judge called in a court reporter, she wrote that the judge had given the woman a warning about wearing pants, and that she had told him that if he asked the woman to remove her pants she wouldn’t get fined, and if she refused he would call the police.

This was a common occurrence in the early 1900s, and it was still a common practice at the time of the First World War.

In 1917, a court in Washington, D.C., ordered that a woman who had been wearing pants in public for several years should be fined $50.

When it was ordered, the women who had worn pants had their clothes taken off.

When asked why the court did this, the reporter replied: Because of the danger that it would bring to the public.

In other cases, a judge in a town would come in and order the pants taken off, and in some cases a judge would even go so far as to have a policeman escort them out of town.

In some cases, the men were forced to wear the trousers in public and the women were fined.

It was illegal to wear pants in a public place.

Even though the law was meant to protect the modesty of the female sex, there were instances in which women were prosecuted for wearing pants outside the home.

For example, in 1931, a man was convicted of a felony after wearing a suit of pants outside his home, and a woman also was convicted for wearing them outside

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