How a classic vintage textiles store got a $1.2 million facelift with a $2.2M renovation

The name of this vintage textile shop is called The Block Shop, and the shop has been in the business for over 60 years.The shop opened its doors in 1956 in a little-known corner of downtown Indianapolis called the Alley Mall.Its original name was The Blockhouse.In 2017, it became the first vintage textiling store in…

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The name of this vintage textile shop is called The Block Shop, and the shop has been in the business for over 60 years.

The shop opened its doors in 1956 in a little-known corner of downtown Indianapolis called the Alley Mall.

Its original name was The Blockhouse.

In 2017, it became the first vintage textiling store in Indianapolis to get a $900,000 facelight.

It has a new name, The Block Factory, which is based on a block house in the city’s Chinatown.

The Block Factory is located on North Street in downtown Indianapolis, just off the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

It was built by Thomas and Ethel Wills, a family that owned the Blockhouse and has owned the space since its opening in 1956.

The Wills family sold the block house to Thomas and Ella in the 1960s.

In 1965, they bought the Block Factory and remodeled it to make it more upscale.

The new name was born, as the Wills and Thomas wanted to be seen as the owners of a unique and authentic antique shop in Indianapolis.

They also wanted to make sure they had a place for their kids to play and to have a place to hang out, Wills said.

The store’s location, which was built in a corner of the Alley, was a popular spot for kids to hang and play.

The Block Warehouse was the place where the Wampsons would hang out and have lunch, Wamps said.

But, it wasn’t the only thing the Block Warehouse did well.

The Wills kids would hang around the block and spend time playing games and socializing with their friends.

They would also hang out at the Block Shop to shop for clothes.

The shop also hosted a monthly dinner party for their family.

They were always welcoming people to come in and see the shop and have a good time, Wamp said.

They also built a home for their two daughters, Sarah and Rachel, who would often hang out in the Block House to watch the kids play.

They loved it there, too.

“They loved the kids,” Sarah Wamp told NBC News.

“I mean, the whole neighborhood just loved the children.”

The Block Warehouse has a history that goes back to when the Wells purchased the blockhouse.

The family owned it for almost 40 years.

“The Wamp family bought it in 1957,” Thomas Wamp recalled.

“They sold it to me, so I took it over.

I bought it and I put it up for sale.”

The Wamps’ children would hang in the Alley for many years, and they used to take over the Block warehouse for dinner.

They called it the Block Café.

The family also ran the Block Store, which sold handmade clothing.

They owned the shop for about 30 years, Wams said.

“It was a good family business, we were very proud of that,” he said.

“Our children were very happy when they were kids, so we always made sure we gave them a place they could hang out,” he added.

“We had a big blockhouse in the alley,” he recalled.

It was the family that built the Block Building that was the home of the Block Theatre, the Block Garage, and a number of other buildings.

The building that now houses the Block Assembly Building was also built by the Wamp and the Block Wills.

Thomas Wamp has had the Block Tower for many, many years.

He said the Block Theater is one of the most beautiful buildings he has ever seen.

The building is the building that the Wolls purchased for their son and daughter, who were very excited about the idea of being able to go there to watch their favorite shows.

“It was their house,” Wamp remembered.

“And it was so nice.”

The building has been renovated and has a modern look, but it is still in the same neighborhood.

The exterior is a little different, with a newer look, as well.

“I was actually working on a movie,” Wamps recalled.

He was actually building a new one, and he thought he could use it to create a scene, but the building was just a blank slate.

“He went back and he built that for us,” Thomas said.

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